Elemental Enchantment
Elemental Enchantment


  1. “My last reading from you was so accurate, I find myself wanting to go to the cards more frequently”
  2. “I was astounded and brought to tears by your message!”
  3. “My grandson said he already knew these to be facts about himself.”
  4. “I needed these messages for healing. You are trustworthy, a great source of guidance, accurate and passionate about sharing your natural gifts.”
  5. “This is exactly what I needed to hear.”
  6. “Your passions and knowledge are so refreshing”
  7. “You should share this with everyone Mamma!”
    My daughter
  8. “Thank you so much for the reading. I truly believe that the universe brought me to your Instagram for that reading. It was spot on.”
  9. "Thank you...I am sobbing. The thought of escaping the chains of my own prison.....freedom and weightlessness...maybe even while still being alive. Thank you for the vision and hope and sharing your findings and insights. Thank you for being an amazing generous person."
  10. "Tiffany is warm, insightful, and invaluably helpful when it comes to clarifying my heartfelt values and desires. She blends insights she receives through reading Tarot and Oracle cards with her incredible talents as an Intuitive, often recognizing perceptions and views I had no idea I held. She has given me loving, gentle steps to take to move through blocks and obstacles and I've felt supported by her as I do so. I'm grateful to be working with Tiffany and would recommend her offerings to anyone seeking wise, expansive guidance."