Elemental Enchantment
Elemental Enchantment

Divination Services

Do you have questions about your career, living arrangements, relationships, spirituality, or other important concerns?
Let the cards provide you clarity on what you are seeking.

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Here's How it Works

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Follow Up


Determine the type of reading and any options that you desire.  Then purchase your order through the shopping cart.
Upon receipt of payment in full, I will reach out to you via the email address associated with your payment account.
Let's discuss your goals for the reading and any other information relevant to the reading.

Your Tarot Reading

What Can I Ask?


I will prepare your reading in PDF format to include my interpretation and how it is connected with your inquiry along with a picture of each card in the reading.
The best questions are open ended and should assist you with your personal development.  This allows space for a broader scope of learning and growth.
My ritual of Divination includes cleansing the deck, meditation about your inquiry and interpretation using my intuition and any other tools I deem necessary.