Elemental Enchantment
Elemental Enchantment
Hi there, I'm Tiffany Wilson and I'm here to bring out the beauty and strength in all I come into contact with. By pushing past my perceived limitations in all I do, I show others what it is to be who they really are.

I live a life of passion and in everything I love, my originality is showcased. Meditations, hot baths and all things nature bring me comfort. I love listening to philosophy, records, and podcasts. I fancy myself crafty, enjoy exploring the depth in all things and take wayward pleasure in exploring the occult with all of its mysteries. Intimate conversations and deeply rooted moments of silence are ways to my heart and writing and journaling bring a smile.

If you walk away from an experience with me feeling better about yourself, then I've done my job. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can as not only are things I have listed here passions of mine but so are you.

Check out the testimonials to see how my advice has produced life changing results.

Many blessings on your path through this life.